Nanga Parbat - 8126m.

This website is dedicated to Joël Wischnewski's expedition on Nanga Parbat during the winter of 2013.

Joël attempted to reach the summit of this 8126m peak between January 9th and February 6th 2013 climbing its Rupal face, which ranks as the highest wall in the world with its 4500m elevation. He sadly disappeared after a last message on February 6th asking us to “take care of us”.

Seven months later, villagers from Rupal Valley called the Pakistani authorities after seeing Joël’s body high on the flank of the mountain. On October 10th 2013, the body was finally rescued at 6100m and then buried at Herrligkoffer climbers’ cemetery. Joël now rests in peace at the feet of the mountain he loved so much.


Here is the link to the pictures he took before his disappearance:

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